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If three of us are wal-
king together, at least
one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher.


"Education for life;
Education through life;
Education throughout life."

(Mahatma Gandhi)
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UNESCO-APNIEVE Source Book No.2:Learning to Be

Author:International Center of Teacher Education,ECNU  Date:2006-2-18

Learning to Be: A Holistic and Integrated Approache to Values Education for Human Development
Core values and the Valuing Process for Developing Innovative Practices for Values Education toward International Understanding and a Culture of Peace (A UNESCO-APNIEVE Source Book No. 2, for Teachers, Students and Tertiary Level Instructors)
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2002, 183 p.
  • Foreward
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: APNIEVE Background and Philosophy
  • Chapter Two: The Asia-Pacific Region in the Context of Globalization
  • Chapter Three: The Valuing Process as a Holistic and Integrated Approach to Values Education: Model, Challenges and Implications
  • Chapter Four: Learning to Be
  • Chapter Five: Learning Modules on the Core and Related Values
    • List of Core and related Values Anchored on Human Dignity
    • Health and Harmony with Nature
    • Truth and Wisdom
    • Love and Compassion
    • Creativity and Appreciation of Beauty
    • Peace and Justice
    • Sustainable Human Development
    • National Unity and Global Solidarity
    • Global Spirituality
    • The Value/Attitudinal Dimension in Quality Education by Lourdes R. Quisumbing
    • Developing Values as a Whole School Community: Insight Gained at Clapham Primary School
    • Pathways to the Building of a Culture of Peace by Toh Swee-Hin
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