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If three of us are wal-
king together, at least
one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher.


"Education for life;
Education through life;
Education throughout life."

(Mahatma Gandhi)
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About Dr. REN Youqun,ECNU Associated Center,UNESCO-APEID

Author:International Center of Teacher Education,ECNU  Date:2006-2-12


Date of birth: April 15, 1969
Current Post at ECNU
·       Assistant President, East China Normal University
·       Director, UNESCO-APEID Associated Center, ECNU
·       Associate Professor, Institute of Curriculum & Instruction, ECNU
·       Director, Office of Informatization, ECNU
Previous Posts at ECNU
§        Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, ECNU (July 1996 – Aug, 2001)
§        Assistant Engineer and Engineer, Computer Center, ECNU (July 1991 to July 1996)
Experiences with UNESCO
§        Participant, submit presentation on “Expanding and Improving Rural Education: Training of Teachers and Use of ICT” on International Experts Seminar on Rural Education for Sustainable Development. UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education, Baoding China, May. 26-28, 2005. 
§        Resource person, submit substantive presentation and comprehensive report on “Teacher Education and the Curriculum in China” on India In-country training workshop of The Mobile Training Team (MTT) Project in Curriculum and Teacher Education,  Indira Gandhi National Open University , India, May. 4-6, 2005.
§        Contractor, submit report on “Distance Teacher Education Case Study for Post-conflict Countries: A Chinese Perspective”, UNESCO Bangkok, Nov. 2004-May.2005.
§        Participant, submit presentation on “The Teacher education in China: The status quo, the problem and the trend” on The Fourth International Forum on Education Reform, OEC Thailand, Sep. 6-11, 2004.
§        Participant, UNESCO Workshop on Exporters and Importers of Cross-Border Higher Education, People’s University of China, Beijing, China, March.20-22, 2004.
§        Participant, UNESCO APEID Strategic Development Meeting, Japanese National Institute for Educational policy Research, Tokyo, Japan, Feb.23-27, 2004.
§        Participant, UNESCO South-East Asian Sub-regional Workshop on Social Dialogue on Teachers and Teaching Standards, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Dec.14-18, 2003.
§        Participant and co-sponsor, UNESCO Regional Seminar on Teachers Professional Standards, Shanghai, China, Nov.8-10, 2003.
§        Delegate, the 9th UNESCO-APEID International Conference on Education, Co-chair (with Prof Zhu Zhiting) Roundtable: Teacher education in a changing world. Shanghai, China, Nov.4-7, 2003.
§        Participant, the International Conference on Learning and Teaching Online, UNESCO, Guangzhou, China, Jan. 2001.
Other Experiences
§        Participant, International Forum for Education 2020, Educational Leadership Institute, East-West Center, Hawaii, USA, Sep.4-Oct.1, 2005.
§        Advisor and Instructor, first course of Partners in Learning Project for ICT teacher training co-organized by MOE and Microsoft China, Tianjin, Aug.6-11,2005.
§        Participant, Educational Leadership Forum, co-organized by Peking University and East-West Center, Beijing, April.18-19, 2005.
§        Participant, International Conference on Managing Teacher Education for Excellence, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, July.11-14, 2004.
Work with NGOs
§        Member of China Lev Vygotsky Society
§        Member of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association
-         2002 Ph.D (education, major in Curriculum and Instruction), East China Normal University, Shanghai, P.R. China
-         1999 Master of Education (major in High Education), East China Normal University, Shanghai, P.R. China
-         1991  BA (Science, major in Computer science), East China Normal University, Shanghai, P.R. China
University Teaching Experience
-         Teaching two master’s course in Institute of Curriculum & Instruction ECNU, one is Theory Foundations of Constructivism, the other is Curriculum integrated with Information Technology.
-         One of the advisors of masters in Institute of Curriculum & Instruction ECNU.
-         Teaching undergraduate course named Basic Knowledge and Skill of Computer Application in ECNU.
-         Over 30 publications in Chinese on Distance Learning, Rural Education, Teacher  Education and Training, Modern Educational Technology, Constructivist Education Theory, Moral Education and Science Education, etc.
-         Several papers in English presented at international meetings, such as “Expanding and Improving Rural Education: Training of Teachers and Use of ICT”, “Basic Education in China”, “The Teacher education in China: The status quo, the problem and the trend”, “New Role for Educator in 21st Century: Be a Life-long Learner Who Is Information Literate”, “Case Study of Discovering and Creating Beauty in Pottery Making”, etc.
-         Co-editer (with Prof Zhu Zhiting) of new high-school textbooks (include six volumes) on Information Technology (published by Sinomaps Press in 2004) with authorization of MOE.
-         Several English books (Instructional Design: International Perspectives Vol. 1&2, Theoretical Foundations of Learning Environments, etc, already published) translated into Chinese.
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